Grain Moisture Meter

Automate your grain drying using a Wiljami grain moisture meter / hygrometer.

wiljami made in finland


Automated and remote-controlled
real-time monitored

The Wiljami grain moisture meter / hygrometer continuously measures the grain humidity and temperature in real time in the dryer. The drying process can be monitored and controlled with a smartphone or computer. Wiljami's smart IoT solution ensures exactly the right grain humidity. Remote readability and automated stopping of drying make the farmer’s life easier and free up time for other tasks.


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Why Wiljami?

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Save money

Wiljami’s measurement result is accurate. The drying process is automatically stopped upon reaching the desired humidity, resulting in grain that has not been dried too much or too little.

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Save time

Wiljami can be monitored and controlled with a smartphone or computer. During the intensive harvesting season, time is freed for other tasks.

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Best quality

With Wiljami, you can ensure just the right humidity level for your grain, making sure it will keep.

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Wiljami annual licence, 1 year

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Wiljami viljankosteusmittari

Wiljami Grain Moisture Meter

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